For Sale (Parts A & B) were the 29th and 30th episodes of the series. They originally aired on August 14 1992.

Part A Edit

Plot Edit

The kids have turned an old warehouse into their own "Zip Zap Theatre". Kim is dismayed to find out the warehouse is going to be sold - and worse - her mother is the real estate agent. So Kim and her friends put on a play called "Moon for Sale" - about the value of things that money can't buy. It's a lot of fun and it helps to resolve the situation.

Animated Story - Dancing Pants Edit

Everyone Wants to dance when they wear Mandy's magical second-hand pants.

Wakadoo Café - Edit

Lonely is trying to make friends at the café and after several failed attempts he starts taking advice from different employees at the café.

Part B Edit

Plot Edit

Nipper is grumpy because he's losing at Monopoly. Aku would prefer to play with EC instead. But Nipper grabs EC and locks the doll away. When Nipper finds that he's left out of everything shares EC with Aku and the friends are reunited.

The Munch Kids - Buying The Wind Edit

The Munch Kids talk about buying and selling the wind and what the wind is used for.

Wakadoo Café - Lost Edit

The Wakadoo Café gang perform the song lost.

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