A Load of Old Rubbish (Parts A & B) were the first two episodes of the series. They originally aired on 8th May 1992.

Part AEdit

Plot Edit

A scruffy looking old doll falls off a dump truck and is rescued by Poss and Kim. Nipper won't go to the fancy dress party because he doesn't know what to wear but EC helps him solve the problem.

Animated Story - SnookleEdit

Snookle can read your mind and will do everything for you - for as long as you can stand it.

Wakadoo Café - Hot SevenEdit

The Wakadoo gang are forming a band, but according to Wolf - the band can only have seven members, as the sign has already been designed. Wolf makes some rather selfish choices about who he would like to drop out, but in the end, Boss and Cook drop out, only to show up during the band's first performance.

Part BEdit


Paul gets fed up when his little sister Aku breaks his kite. He objects to baby-sitting until Aku helps him out of an embarrassing and difficult situation. Paul realizes that having a little sister might not be so bad after all.

Gallery Edit

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