ABC For Kids: Featuring Banana Holiday and Lots of Other Great Songs is an ABC For Kids video released in 1994. It features songs such as Lift Off song.

Song ListEdit

  1. Lift Off - ABC
  2. Henry the Octopus - The Wiggles
  3. Spider in the Bath - ABC
  4. Dr. Knickerbocker - Mike Jackson and Ian Blake
  5. Jollity Farm - Mic Conway
  6. Banana Holiday - B1, B2, The Teddies, Rat in the Hat
  7. Ossie Mozzie - Don Spencer
  8. Surfing with the Seagulls - George Spartels
  9. Hey, Hey, Blinky Bill - Winky and the Gang
  10. Der Glumph - Benita, Noni, Monica
  11. Bugs and Beetles - Franciscus Henri
  12. I Can Do Magic - Gillian Eastoe


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